What Is Shared Hosting ?

 Hello friends, today we are going to know about what is shared hosting, so if you want to know about shared hosting, then you have read this article fully, if you read this article till then I am going to know a lot about you.


Friends, before knowing about shared hosting, we should know about web hosting, so many people will know what web hosting is, but many people do not know, but no one can tell you about it. If you are also giving information, then you can read this article up to gluten.

What is web hosting?

Friends, if you have understood about web hosting, then you will understand shared hosting soon and you will get information about which hosting will be required to run your site.

Hosting is needed to host any blog / website, so now we know what web hosting is? Web hosting is a type of service by which anyone can host their blog / website or any kind of page on the internet and store it. Any thing in the world needs a place whether we can see it with our eyes or not, but for that we need a place like air, we cannot see it but it is everywhere.

Similarly, when we create our own blog / website, he needs a place to get into the Internet for which web hosting is used.

What are the types of web hosting?

Friends, now you have come to understand what web hosting is, but if it is not known about how many types are there, then there is nothing, we are also going to be informed about it.

1) Shared Web Hosting

2) Virtual Private Server (vps)

3) Dedicated Hosting

4) Cloud Web Hosting

Friends, this is the type of hosting, I am going to give you information about shared web hosting today, however, if you want an article about vps hosting too, you can comment by commenting us in the comment box and we can write you an article on it as well. We will make it public, so that you will also get information about it and in that I will tell you about shared hosting vs vps as well. Best shared hosting is also going to give information about who is in India.

what is shared hosting

In the name of friends shared web hosting, you must have understood a little bit about what kind of hosting it is, friends. This hosting is shared with many people. Shared hosting gives a small part to friends. Hosting is a cheap plan, if you are new to the field of blogging, then if you want to build your website on Wordpress and learn it, then you can do it by taking a leaflet.

what is shared hosting
what is shared hosting ?

By the way, if you do not want to buy hosting, then you can use blogspot for that, you get free hosting on friend blogger (blogspot) and you do not have any problem in your site when traffic increases on your site. Will see. If you run your website using shared hosting, then you may face problems when more traffic will come to your site but you can increase the hosting plan on that site.

Where to buy shared hosting?

Friends, if you want to buy linux shared hosting, you can also take it, I tell you about hosting companies from where you can buy hosting.

1) bluehost

2) A2 Hosting

3) HostGator

4) Hostinger

5) Reseller club

6) Bigrock

7) GoDaddy

Friends, these are some companies that I have told you about and there are many hosting companies from where you can buy hosting. If there is a problem with the hosting or domain in the site, then you can easily make a porcupine by talking to them with great ease.

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