How to get unlimited diamond in your free fire account ?

 Hello friends, today we are going to tell you how you can get unlimited diamonds in your free fire account, friends, if you know about free fire games and you play games, then you will know that you will get diamonds in the game It is necessary that you can take good dress and car bike skin and other things.

Friend, if you want diamond inside your free fire account, then you have many ways from which you can get diamond, I am going to give you further information about all those methods, then friend, you must complete this article today. Read because I am also going to give you some diamonds from your side.

Ways to get unlimited free diamond?

Friends, no one gives anything for free, nor will I tell you any way through which you will get the diamond, the way that I will tell you is so much that you can get a little bit of diamond for a long time. There is an app where you get diamonds for free and there are many websites where you get diamonds, but many of them are useless, which give you nothing at all.

How to get diamond from apps in free fire?

Friends, there are many such apps on which you can earn by working, and after taking that money in your paytm, you can earn very good from there and friend, I will tell you about 1 earning app only where you refer link. If you have a lot of friends, then you can earn money after installing the app from them.


💎💎💎500 CLAIM

Friends, in the name of earning app, you will get to see millions of apps on the Play Store, but friend is such a useless app out of them, you do not know which is right but there is nothing I can tell you about a good app I am told friend, the name of the app I am talking about is rozdhan, I have earned more than 5000 rupees from this app so far and have taken it in my paytm account.

Friends, you can take this money inside the paytm wallet, so you are not going to face much trouble and if you have given the link of Rozdhan app, you can download it comfortably, it will give you access to the play store from where you know After that M can download. By the way, winzo gold is also an app, but it is not on the play store and it is not on the play store, I do not tell much about it so I have told you about rozdhan.

Can you get a free diamond giveway by winning?

Friends, this method is also very good for you to get free diamonds because friends keep doing many youtubers giveway, so if you play free fire well then you can th giveway and you can get good diamond from here, like this way Many people take diamonds from those who do not use cannon in their free fire account, so those people who are in the live live can win good diamonds after joining them.

free diamond

Friends do some big youtuber also when they come live on youtube, they give team code so that those who join first give them diamond or dj light for free and so many youtubers do some youtuber. So millions of diamonds are toupup in one lucky youtuber's account, if you are on youtube then you will know.

free diamond esports tournament by winning free diamond

Friends, this method is so good that you will get free diamond, you will get it as well as you will also get a name, if you show your game well in such a tournament, then your life can also change from here esport also very good career. There is an option, if you like gaming very much, then you can go much further, through esports, although you will also get to see a lot of competition in it.


Friends, in India, some time ago, esport was not known that much, but now in India, esport is slowly moving forward, there is not only free fire and many other online games that you can play.

Friends, now I tell you how I will give some of you diamonds for free, so you do not need to do much, you will just be getting to see the comment box below and you have to make a comment here, which is also a good comment. I will be giving him some diamonds from my turf.

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